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6 Workplace Trends You’ll See In 2018
2017 has been a busy year for most of us and you will agree that it certainly seems to have passed by us so quickly. The year saw the emergence of several technology developments and influences in the workplace -…

5 Tips To Make People Feel Good About Their Work
Every leader understands that developing an engaged workforce is a key investment for their organisation. Yet, many know that building organisations where employee engagement is strongly embedded at the core of the workforce strategy is easier said than done. Helping employees…

HR Questions You Need To Ace!
As a candidate looking to land a new job, you know that acing the HR interview is a key milestone in your recruitment journey.  Depending on the seniority of the role, HR interview rounds could be held either at…

5 Reasons Employees Quit Jobs They Love
A fabulously committed employee handing in a resignation note is probably the biggest tragedy that a manager encounters. And unfortunately, it happens far too often than we really dare to acknowledge – employees who have cheerily walked into the workplace…

5 Steps to Giving Effective Feedback at Work
The best way to empower employees to perform better is to offer them feedback consistently and with clarity. However, sharing performance feedback in a way that messages are communicated with the right inputs as well as intent is an…

5 Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing
For businesses everywhere, payroll processing is an essential activity that needs to be managed month after month with accuracy, efficiency and timeliness.  Anyprocessing errors or delays cause needless frustration and embarrassment and affect employee morale. To avoid such situations, many…

7 Tips For An Effective Employee Retention Strategy
Regardless of an organisation’s size, losing talent is expensive and can hurt deeply, since several risks become associated with the event, including –process disruption and delay, disengaged co-workers and expensive replacement. Given that “it costs as much as twice…

5 Tips to Minimize Workplace Negativity
Workplace negativity can hurt employee morale and have a deep impact on performance within organisations. An environment that simmers with unresolved conflicts,  and excessive politicking is often an ideal ground for workplace tensions. When ignored, these issues could cause…

Top 7 HR Myths Busted
Across many organisations, the Human Resource function operates as a complex, multifaceted unit that handles everything from high level performance strategy planning and delivery to everyday routine and operational issues, and HR managers are expected to transcend both dimensions…

7 Metrices To Effective Measure Team Performance
In organisations, team performance can be an effective indicator of the efficacies built into the systems, processes and workflows at a unit level. Positive team metrics hint at not just efficiency and productivity, but also shape the organisation’s readiness…

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