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The comprehensive, future-driven, 360° HR Audit
Kelsa Konvex™

KelsaKonvex™ – Our HR Audit product is designed specifically to understand need-gaps and bottle-necks in achieving goals. It is designed not with the past or even present in mind, but with a focus on the future.

What do we offer?

Map current HR Systems and Processes
Define the desired Systems and Processes
Document the need-gap
Create road-map for the future

How do we do it?
We examine how the vision and strategy of the senior leadership is transferred to what ‘beneficiaries’ experience on day-to-day basis and provide the road-map for this alignment.


Why us?

We link people processes to business goals
Offer clear road-map and precise benchmarks to help anticipate and address bottle-necks
Offer clarity on need-gap hence prospect of growth is more distinct
Measurable, achievable milestones to ensure success

What our Customers say
Kelsa over the last two years has assisted Healthware in the strengthening of HR related process and policies. Kelsa's insight and guidance on strategic and process related issues has permitted scaling up in a sustainable manner, without losing focus on core values of the Organization. Operationally, we are extremely happy and wish to continue our journey in the years to come with Kelsa Solutions.
Shankar Rao, Director - Healthware

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