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Beyond Academics to Applied Learning
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Large HR teams have a mix of skills among their members. Many organizations have good HR practitioners who may not have undergone a formal academic programme in HR and hence may not have a holistic appreciation of the function. This means that individuals will find it difficult to take on bigger roles and organizations on the other hand feel the need to seek talent from outside.

What do we offer?

Learning modules that include both written material and workshops for a year
Includes participative and experiential workshops
Application of concepts to actual projects within the organization
Measureable review with tests at specified frequencies

Why us?

Customised modules to suit your specific requirements
You get to choose Exercises/Projects relevant to your organization
Leverage technology as well as in-person learning for maximum impact
Move effortlessly between theory and practice
Measure progress by base lining participants at the beginning of the programme.


What our Customers say
We are happy that our client TAFE won the " Best Employers of India 2013" Award after the Aon-Hewitt Best Employers 2.0 Study. The award  criteria revolved around four factors, viz. high employee engagement; a compelling employer brand; effective leadership; and a high performance culture.

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