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Innovative engagement framework
Kelsa H3M3™

Should you lead with your heart or with your mind? Kelsa offers a balanced approach to employee engagement with its proprietary H3M3™ framework.

What do we offer?

Standard model of employee engagement covering both rational and emotional connects to the organization
Flexibility to include specific items of current interest for the organization
Individual score-cards for all eligible people managers
Breakdown of engagement score by various standards, as well as organization determined factors (by age, tenure, level, etc).

How we do it?
The management team is sensitized to the H3M3™ framework and its dimensions. An online survey covering all employees provides the data to baseline the scores, upon which improvement activities may be agreed to.

Why us?

Proprietary model of employee engagement (H3M3™) which has been implemented across different industries and geographies/cultures
Robust, web-based survey mechanism that assures confidentiality; scalable from 100 to 100,000 employees
Takes into account employee engagement, employee satisfaction and employee advocacy
Standard measurement model allows the organization and its managers to see the effects of their actions to improve engagement
Detailed manager level scorecards empower them to come up with engagement activities for their team / unit
Partnership to drive specific enterprise-wide employee engagement initiatives
Flexibility to include specific organizational concerns

What our Customers say
Ad2pro had engaged Kelsa to carry out an HR audit this year. The experience that we had with Kelsa‘s HR audit was excellent and their in-depth processes and methodical analysis of our current people, processes and policies enabled them to precisely pinpoint areas that required improvement. Post the audit, Kelsa team also played a role in working with the Internal HR team in developing appropriate action plans. They were very professional in tailoring their expert advice to suit the needs of our business. They helped in redefining the existing HR policies and systems and also putting in place certain strategic initiatives that over a period of time will transform the HR function from a mere transactional role to being a business partner. I will be happy to recommend Kelsa Solutions where practical and efficient HR advice is needed. Thank you for the excellent service!
Ajit George Abraham CPO - Ad2pro

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