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Designing people policies

The ability to see the business in its entirety and hence look at policies to align with changing business needs is the key to designing people policies. Our extensive reach in the market-place gives us the ability to benchmark policies with relevant competition in the market-place.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Articulate the firm’s approach to its human resources and the manner in which they are to be nurtured and developed
Specify the areas and heads of people-related policies and their linkages with each other, as appropriate
Specify the operating guidelines, the entitlements and expectations in implementing each area / head of policy
Create the process flow maps for policy implementation, wherever appropriate

What our Customers say
Kelsa over the last two years has assisted Healthware in the strengthening of HR related process and policies. Kelsa's insight and guidance on strategic and process related issues has permitted scaling up in a sustainable manner, without losing focus on core values of the Organization. Operationally, we are extremely happy and wish to continue our journey in the years to come with Kelsa Solutions.
Shankar Rao, Director - Healthware

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